Bloomin Amazing!

A new and sustainable by-product from the renewable energy sector is set to become a benchmark product in the independent garden market for soil conditioners.  The unique technology has been developed and championed by a new joint venture between The Duchy of Cornwall and local Dorset farmers.  The new product, Bloomin AmazingTM, has the ideal technical properties to make it a high performing mulch, soil conditioner and plant feed all in one multi-purpose product with its’ unique 3 in 1 action making it a real innovation for the bagged growing media sector. With great sustainability credentials, it is poised to meet the aspirations of modern gardeners and disrupt the bagged media market status quo.

Nick Finding, West Country Soil Improvement Managing Director says, “The project has been several years in the making, developing out of our very successful renewable energy activities.   I always knew our by-product was great for my own garden, and of course we’ve used it to great effect on our farms.   But it wasn’t until we began testing it extensively, and then discussing it with garden centre retailers, that we realised we had a successful retail product on our hands.”


West Country Soil Improvement has recently made a substantial investment in a state of the art the bagging line located immediately adjacent to their anaerobic digester plant in Dorset.   Bloomin AmazingTM will be available for delivery to garden centres in the South & West from early March.

“It’s the market research and sales feedback that gave us the confidence to now make a major investment in bagging equipment so we are ready to commercialise the product widely.”