A clear trade marketing plan plus a little patience pays of for Vivagreen Group

I’ve been working with my clients Vivagreen Group on their trade marketing strategy since before GLEE 2014. I really admire and respect their dogged determination and investment in their innovative product, MossOff Chemical Free. They’re a small Dublin based entrepreneurial company run by two engineer brothers, Russell and Garrett Walsh. They developed an entirely chemical free way of killing and controlling moss and algae with no risk to children, pets or any of the plants in the garden, even the lawn! A great technical idea, but of course working out how to commercialize the innovation through a detailed trade marketing plan was just as critical as the invention itself.

The Planning Process

We started our marketing planning with very focused Consumer insight work, followed up with trade Customer interviews and a thorough Competitor audit. I helped them establish and define their own business goals in the light of their Company culture and ethics. I looked carefully at the political, economic, social and technical (especially biocides legislation and attitudes to the environment) Climate in the UK market. And as part of the business development process we carefully reviewed the product position, features, benefits, value and price within the overall product Category.

With the market situation fully analyzed the second stage of the project was much easier. We built a brand Proposition for the business in the UK centered on the unique Product and with highly targeted branding and Packaging. We were able to build the commercial plan around competitive trade and retail Price and created a full and compelling Promotional plan.

But in the end, the final piece of the jigsaw was the one that has had the most impact on the success of MossOff Chemical Free. Despite having all the elements of our plan very well executed – we even won the coveted GIMA Innovators Award in 2016 – achieving the countrywide level of distribution we were seeking was a challenge. For all the research, the marketing presentations, exhibitions and press coverage, retailer buyers do business with People. The right people give buyers confidence to take a chance on a new business like Vivagreen Group. That’s why I am so pleased that Russell and Garrett have recently signed a new deal with DLF Seeds & Science for the distribution of their product throughout the UK independent garden center channel.

It’s been quite a journey, but I think Vivagreen Group have really made a massive step change in their UK strategy and we’re looking forward to seeing MossOff Chemical Free appearing in independent garden centers all across the UK