Identifying and exploiting new opportunities

This month I have been helping my clients at STV International with the promotion of a new business opportunity and their exciting new range of professional pest control products. They have identified a new sales category which is rapidly developing in garden and hardware retailers. Cuts to council-funded pest control services are driving consumers to search for alternative ways to manage problems like rats, cockroaches and wasps in their homes and gardens. The number of local authorities providing free of charge domestic pest control services fell to only 7% last year, and the total number of domestic pest control services (including paid services) fell by 22%.

And its not only regular consumers who are driving the demand. The growth of shared economy businesses such as Airbnb is driving both home owners and small businesses to search out alternatives. They want affordable ways to manage problems like bed bugs, cockroaches, and wasps in and around homes and business premises.

The fact is that councils have had to either introduce significant charges, or close their pest control services entirely in a bid to balance their books. This has driven a rapid growth in consumers seeking DIY solutions to home pest control. STV developed the new Ultra Power range based on professional formulations and robust application and packaging that enables safe and effective DIY pest control. Consumers can now deal safely with ants, flies and wasp nests at a fraction of the cost of a private contractor.

Large format aerosols with ergonomic triggers ensure the user never needs to come into contact with the product. There is also a large format 1.5L pressure spray for broad application control of fleas, bed bugs and clothes moths. The auto dispenser insect killers are designed to keep large indoor spaces pest free.

To help retailers take advantage of this emerging new business opportunity in the pest control sector, STV is making a range of promotional packages available. Tailored to suit small high street hardware, right up to the largest DIY and garden centre outlets, the new Zero In Ultra Power range is available for delivery through preferred wholesalers including Decco, Stax and Home Hardware.