Marketing Services

Marketing Communications

Deciding on the key messages and evaluating available media are the first steps in building a communication plan.

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Market Planning

Marketing is only one of the business tools you must master to help reach business objectives and it should never be a goal in its own right.

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Business Development

Landscaping and carefully evaluating the market as part of the planning process will ensure that your business is focused on the most lucrative opportunities and reduce wasted resources.

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Branding Strategies

The personality and values projected by your brand are critical to delivering your business goals. Branding is not just about your logo, it should pervade every aspect of your business and all the customer touch points.

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New Product Development

Through a rigorous process of market analysis and consumer insight, as well as considerable experience in positioning and pricing strategies, I can help to ensure that your product development plans achieve their objectives.

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Business Mentoring

Perhaps your business is thriving and you already have a strong management team in place who simply need support and mentoring in order to successfully deliver their ideas.

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