Forthcoming GIMA workshop on successful development of new products

I’m delighted to be facilitating at a forthcoming GIMA new products workshop. I’ll  be looking at tools and techniques for improving the chances of making your new product one of the 3 out of 10 launches that will succeed. It’s an area I have been working in for more than 30 years with a very specific focus on products for the garden centre channel.

I don’t profess to have a magic formula. But I am able to share some of the things I’ve learned and demonstrate some of the tools I’ve found helpful.

Success in NPD is as much about people as it is about product. I’ve learned that having a great idea for a new product, and knowing how to make it and launch it is not, by any measure, a license for success. You have to take a whole load of people with you. So the workshop will be as much about communications and networks as it is about price and packaging.

Oh, and by the way – it won’t be a lecture with a 90 slide powerpoint presentation! I’m hoping for lively debate and idea generation. Let’s say it will be interactive.

I really hope to see you there!

Date : 19 April 2018

Location; Horticulture House, Didcot

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