New simple POS leaflet explains why MossOff gets Diarmuid’s vote!

MossOff Lawn Care Concentrate is a new and totally unique biocide-free way of controlling moss in lawns. The unique technology is chemical free and completely safe to children and pets as well as plant life and even fish and ponds.

My client Vivagreen, the inventors and manufacturers, have recently produced a simple point of sale leaflet to help explain to consumers exactly why their unique and innovative product is so enthusiastically endorsed by writer and garden designer, Diarmuid Gavin. Available through their nationwide stockists and accompanied by their dedicated stand and POS, the leaflet is designed to spell out the key benefits of MossOff as succinctly as possible

Following their success in winning the GIMA Innovator award last year, Vivagreen are returning to GLEE in 2017 where new customers will be able to place orders directly and speak to the inventors Russell and Garrett Walsh.



Based entirely on natural ingredients and with a physical mode of action, MossOff has an official derogation from the Chemicals Regulation Directorate. It’s harmless to plants, pets and wildlife. It’s also available in a multi-surface formula which is suitable for controlling moss and algae on any surface.