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Without doubt we couldn’t have achieved what we have on Bloomin Amazing without Jane. It’s been a fabulous and fascinating journey with her so far, and I’m looking forward to more to come. She is an absolute force in the area she led us into, but managed to make the whole experience really enjoyable as well as productive. Nothing but respect for her skill set, and trust in her ability, but I quickly learnt when to bow to her experience!

Nick Finding
Managing Director, Bloomin Amazing

I enjoy working with Jane, she has a straightforward approach and clear thinking on business challenges. She worked with us to develop a new brand and merchandising development plan, keeping the project focussed and in budget and helping us to manage the selection and appointment of the right creative graphic partners. More recently she has helped us specify an internal marketing resource and then went on to identify and attract the right person for the role. She continues to manage our trade communications and media relations as well as providing valuable external advise on a range of business issues when called upon. She knows our industry and talks our language.

Antony Harker
Managing Director, Kelkay

I asked Jane to work with my team to build our business identity and corporate branding to help us penetrate new retail sectors and continue our growth plans. She originally came for an 8 week project and ended up staying for over 12 months during which time she developed a new brand identity and launched it very successfully both internally and externally. She drove the new identity through our whole communications package, including exhibitions, public relations, catalogues, sales presentations and even our showroom and the interior of the building.

With new processes and systems as well as new consumer brands and some exciting new products, our refreshed business image and exciting new corporate brand strategy, we have enjoyed unprecedented customer demand in the past few months. We had a record breaking turnover month in March and during May shipped more product from our warehouse than in any other month in our history.

I’m grateful to Jane for the significant part she played in our success and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Ian Fisher
Managing Director, Bonningtons

Jane is the complete marketing professional, able to understand and adapt company strategy to market dynamics with a fine eye & an ability to dissect complex data into forward thinking plans. It was a pleasure & an excellent learning experience working with Jane.

Andrew Bremer
Category Manager, Hotel Chocolate

Jane is one of the most respected executives within UK garden retail. She has been successful at senior management level both at Bayer and Gardman and has earned wide recognition as President of GIMA, the manufacturers trade association. You can always count on Jane for a sound assessment and good straightforward advice.

George Bullivant
Director, Gardenforum

I originally invited Jane to help us look at our brand, and she quickly persuaded us to undertake a fundamental review of our entire customer-facing business strategy. Her approach was extremely thorough but with an appropriately light touch that enabled all the team to get on board with the process. She developed and conducted appropriate research as well as bringing her own intimate market knowledge to the business. She ran a disciplined process to identify the right creative partners and then managed them to deliver highly cost effective solutions for all our communications materials. We are very pleased with the overall results and already beginning to see the benefits in our order book. Jane worked tirelessly and professionally the results far exceeded our expectations in what I would undoubtedly class as a resounding success and would not hesitate to recommend Jane to other businesses facing similar challenges.

Barry Page
Chairman & CEO, Town & Country

Jane has worked with us for the past year on a challenging business acquisition project. Her intimate knowledge of the UK and European market was critical to our financial modeling and this also meant that she was a pivotal part of the small team that successfully secured private equity funding for our ambitious project. She is able to bring clarity to complex market issues and proved to be a very effective communicator when presenting our proposals to financial executives with limited knowledge of the market. Her emotional intelligence and interpersonal style makes her a pleasure to work with.

Benjamin Griffiths
Managing Director, Neatcrown Corwen

Jane’s knowledge of her market, her clients and products means that every meeting is positive and productive. This allowed me as to provide the best service I can and help Jane achieve the goals she clearly defines for me as my client. A great communicator and relationship builder. A true professional who has the ability to understand what exactly needs doing to get the results a brand wants. Jane spearheaded the use of new media and fresh ideas. She saw the potential of our new digital offerings and under her direction, her brand invested in them early to put themselves ahead of the competition. Jane is dynamic, direct and driven as well as being a pleasure to work with.

Chris Carnevale
Account Manager, Haymarket Media Group

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